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Sprutan Group Ltd. is a private company registered in Canada, please see about us. Sprutan valve uses patented technology, the in-tube solenoid valve, (Candian Patent # 2519836, US patent # 6,994,308, Chinese patent #ZL200580051861.1,  European Patent (EP1969270) and Korean Patent (10-1267200)). The patented idea was carried out to a product. You can read about our technology here.


The unique design offers the following advantages:

The In-tube Solenoid Valve is has a tubular body having an inlet and an outlet and an electric plug offer the following advantages:

  1. Superior Performance– High Flow, High Pressure and Fast Response
  2. Streamline Flow & In-line tube configuration – Low-pressure loss & easy installation
  3. Low-power consumption – direct action without additional motor or pneumatic system
  4. Reliable, sturdy and long lasting – internal components are protected to avoid damage
  5. 90%+ re-cyclable – For a greener environment