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Sprutan valve uses patented technology, the in-tube solenoid valve, US patent # 6,994,308 and Chinese patent #ZL200580051861.1.

Unique design separate the valve from the existing solenoid valves, operation principles, please see the website at http://www.sprutan.com

Product Specification
Product Series JETS
Mode of Operation 2/2, Solenoid Activated, Pilot Operated, Normally Closed (NC)
Weight 1000 g (1 kg)
Pressure Rating 150 psig (max)
End Connection Type NPT
Electrical Connection DIN 43650 form C (9.4 mm) with LED and wire
Design Pressure Balanced, Spring Return
Body Material1 Aluminum (Black Anodizing)
Internal Material Zinc-Nickel Plating, Aluminum, Steel, Copper, Brass, Teflon
Solenoid Specification 7W, Zinc-Nickel plating with anti-corrosion protection2
Seal Material3 Nitrile NBR
Ambient Temperature -40°C~80°C
Fluid Temperature -20°C~90°C
Medium Natural Gas, Inert Gas, Clean & Dry Air, Non-corrosive Gases
1,3: Other Materials are available upon request, but pricing would vary
2: Salt Spray Test ASTM B-117

Technical Data
Part Number JETS
Orifice 17.15 mm
Port Size4 1/2″ – 1″ NPT
Estimated Nominal Flow Rate
Nl/min (SCFM) at 6 bar (87 psig) 15000 (530)
Maximum Voltage5 12 or 24 VDC
Maximum Power 7 W
4:Fittings are needed for sizes smaller than 1″ which are not included in the package. Standard port sizes smaller than 1″ can be requested depending on the quantity.
5:AC mode can be achieved using an AC/DC converter

The In-tube Solenoid Valve is has a tubular body having an inlet and an outlet and an electric plug offer the following advantages:

1. Superior Performance – High Flow and Fast Response
The in-tube solenoid valve is capable of high flow and fast response (0.03~0.05 seconds), flow rate at 87 psig is 15,000 Nl/min or 530 scfm.

2. Streamline Flow – Low Pressure Loss
The flow path of the in-tube valve is streamlined. No corners or bends that reduces pressure loss due to friction.

3. Low power consumption (5W to open, and 2W to hold and 100% duty cycle at 7W)
This ensures that our solenoid valve will open and close property without the problem of hysteresis. In addition, because the power required to operate is low, the solenoid will not be burned out. Moreover, because of the low power, this valve can be operated through solar or regular battery.

4. Reliable, sturdy and long lasting
Often solenoid fails when the coil burnt out, in our case, since the power is low, the solenoid would last, hence; the maintenance is a minimum. As long as the solenoid is operated under the specified condition, it should be life-time. Because the pressure difference required is relatively low, the seal does not experience a large pressure difference, hence; it will last and it is suitable for applications require high life cycles.

5. Amateur tube and coil are enclosed and protected to avoid damage
Since the coil and the amateur tube are enclosed inside a valve body, the coils and the amateur tube are protected from environmental insult such as earthquakes, crashes, thermal shocks or even mishandling. The enclosure of the amateur tube and coil also provides an opportunity to use this valve in underground and under water applications.

6. In-line tube configuration
This in-line configuration ensures the valve can be adapted to the current system easier for a “plug-and-play” approach. The tube design also offers a possibility of having it insulated. Also, the valve is designed for applications where only limited space available and light weight.

7. No diaphragms replacement – For a greener environment

Not a diaphragm type, so no diaphragm replacement required. Our valve is nearly perfect and just in case when the valve malfunction within the warranty period and it satisfies the return policy, simply return to us and we will send you a new one.

8. Warranty

All Sprutan Valves carries a standard one (1) year limited warranty.

Area of Applications:
-Vacuum Systems (for packaging and process controls)
-Automation Controls (for robotics or assembly lines)
-Ink & paint dispensing
-Textile dyeing and Drying
-Laundry Equipment
-Pollution Control Equipment (enhancing green technology)
-Compressed Air Systems
-Solar Operated Capable
-Abrasive Blasting Applications
-Venturi Water Pump