About Us

Sprutan Group Ltd. began operating in 2007 with a strong desire for innovation. From past years of experience in the industry, the founders of Sprutan Ltd. have realized that the existing design of the solenoid valve has many inherent problems. Many attempts were made to try to perfect the function of the valve, however, these modifications only provided limited improvements and the existing problems were still not resolved.
With these issues in mind, we then developed a new concept of valve that has a movable solenoid located inside itself instead of the traditional ones where the solenoid is stationary and located outside the valve. We then applied for patents. They were granted. With this new design, our company’s goal became to develop a cheaper, lasting and more reliable solenoid valve.

Sprutan Group Ltd was founded in 2007 as solenoid valves manufacturer. The company owns the legal rights and develops the solenoid valve based on the United States patent # 6,994,308, “In-tube Solenoid Gas Valve”. PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) also has been filed. The company started to develop its first prototype of in-tube solenoid valves in 2008.
In the years of 2009-2010, our first prototypes were created and initial tests showed that the concept works well. In 2010-2011, modifications were made to the first design of the prototype to lower the cost and to better the performances. So far the company is working on obtaining Cv values (coefficient of flow) and to perform cycling tests and burst tests.During the research and development period, the R&D tax credits were applied for and granted from both the provincial and the federal level.
In April 2010, Sprutan Group Ltd. also attended the Hydraulic & Pneumatic Conference and Expo. James Wang, the vice president also presented the new valve idea in a talk. The feedbacks from the audiences were positive and many were very interested in the concept. In January 2013, the JET-Series of solenoid valve was produced and it has been ready for sale in April 2013.
Our team of expertise has many years of manufacturing, valve design, and R&D experiences and can offer solutions to your current industrial problems. At Sprutan Group, we value product performance and customer service has the top priority. We are also interested in working on specific projects proposed by the customers. Our company may still be young but our ambitions are strong. With the experienced technical staffs, Sprutan Group Ltd. will continue to develop products based on the needs of the market and of our customers.
Currently, we are looking for a sole agent in the following regions: North America, South America, China, South Asia and Europe. If you are interested, please contact James Wang at jameswang@sprutan.com.