Product Specifications

Factors to consider when choosing automatic valves:

  1. Volumetric flow rate
  2. Maximum pressure
  3. Activation time and method (solenoid, motor or pneumatic)
  4. Valve body material
  5. Operation life (including leakage rate)
  6. Maintenance costs
  7. The use of environmental protection
  8. Price

The In-tube Solenoid Valve is has a tubular body having an inlet and an outlet and an electric plug offer the following advantages:

1. High Flow, High pressure and Fast Response

  • High flow coefficient (CV=40 for 50mm outlet)
  • Fast response (0.03~0.05 seconds) using electromagnetic (solenoid)

2. Maximum Pressure: 150 psi

3. Activation time and method


Technical Data:


Product Drawing


Product Specification: 
Product Series JETS
Mode of Operation:  2/2, Solenoid Activated, Pilot Operated, Normally Closed (NC)
Weight:  1000 g (1 kg)
Pressure Rating:  150 psig (max)
End Connection Type:  NPT
Electrical Connection:  DIN 43650 form C (9.4 mm) with LED and wire
Design:  Pressure Balanced, Spring Return
Body Material:  Aluminum (Black Anodizing)
Internal Material: Zinc-Nickel Plating, Aluminum, Steel, Copper, Brass, Teflon
Solenoid Specification: 7W, Zinc-Nickel plating with anti-corrosion protection (Salt Spray Test ASTM B-117)
Seal Material: Nitrile NBR
Ambient Temperature:  -40°C~80°C
Fluid Temperature:  -20°C~90°C
Medium:  Natural Gas, Inert Gas, Clean & Dry Air, Non-corrosive Gases

Technical Data:
Orifice:  17.15 mm
Port Size:  1/2″ – 1″ NPT
Estimated Nominal Flow Rate at 6 bar (87 psig):  15000 Nl/min (530 SCFM)
Maximum Voltage:  12 or 24 VDC
Maximum Power:  7 W